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WESCO International, Inc
Warehouse Associate
Ajax , Ontario

The Warehouse Associate performs receiving, stock keeping, picking, packing and shipping activities.  The chosen candidate will also be responsible for counter sales, housekeeping and related quality assurance activities.
•   Handle all incoming shipments
•   Perform verification of purchased products and enter order receipts into computer system
•   Perform quality assurance inspections when appropriate
•   Place received material, after segregating backorders, into proper warehouse storage locations; relocate and consolidate material and notify management of new bon/table locations when necessary
•   Pull, pack, weigh and label materials for shipment (including assemble and hold orders)
•   Prepare bills of lading and express receipts
•   Assist in loading trucks
•   Prepare local delivery records and complete applicable blocks on the pick ticket
•   Maintain appropriate forms pending return of material
•   Inspect condition of returned material prior to completing return authorization forms
•   Pull stock and return it to the correct location pending credit memo, sale or return to supplier
•   Clean warehouse and trucking/parking area
•   Assemble and disassemble bins, racks, shelves and tables as needed
•   Administer preventative maintenance programs to delivery vehicles and warehouse equipment to ensure proper functioning and safety practices for warehouse operations
•   Record and process customer complaints
•   Maintain counter stock as needed
•   Assist with over-the-counter sales when necessary
•   Perform other duties as required

•   Ability to adhere to all WESCO rules and policies
•   Ability to be on time for scheduled work day and complete all work hours required
•   Strong attention to detail
•   Basic computer skills
•   Ability to work in a team environment and to get along with coworkers
•   Ability to understand and follow verbal and/or written instructions
•   Ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing
•   Ability to operate hand and power tools and equipment
•   Ability to adapt to changing situations and to perform multiple tasks simultaneously
•   Ability to anticipate and prepare for customer needs
•   Ability to lift a minimum of 25 pounds Experience 
•  Prior work experience in warehouse/distribution environment preferred but not required

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